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At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, our experienced team of veterinary professionals provides outstanding medical care overnight for horses that require hospitalization, whatever the reason.

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Patient Care Levels

If your horse is sick, hurt, or recovering from surgery, a hospital stay may be necessary to give your horse its best possible start on the road to recovery.

We begin monitoring your horse's condition and providing it with all the medications and treatments it requires the moment it is admitted to our hospital.

As with any hospital, treatment requirements might be as simple as boarding or as intense as continuous monitoring. Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital is able to provide whichever degree of attention your horse needs all through the day and night.

Hospitalisation For Sick Horses, Poulsbo Vet

Treatments Available at Our Veterinary Hospital

Our animal hospital provides all the services your horse needs to get their recovery off to the best possible start. Here are just a few of the overnight services our team can provide:

  • IV Fluids and medications
  • Professional care and monitoring
  • Advanced pain management
  • ECG
  • Oxygen therapy

Hospitalization Referrals for Horses

At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, we are more than happy to accept referrals for hospitalization should your regular veterinarian be unable to accommodate your horse.


Visitation Policy

We welcome your visits to your hospitalized patient. Please limit to 30 minutes total per day and during business hours so that we are able to focus on providing the best possible care. Special arrangements are necessary for weekend visits.

Policies & Resources

Going Home

Regardless of the reason for your horse's hospitalization, their condition must be stabilized before they head home.

That means ensuring that your horse is on the road to recovery and that you have the tools you need to provide them with the ongoing care their condition demands.

The veterinarian will examine your horse and run any diagnostic testing required to determine whether it is ready to leave.

When your horse is well enough to go home, our team will give you detailed instructions for your horse's care as well as any prescription medications that may be required to keep your horse comfortable while they recover.

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Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital does accept new patients. Our tight-knit veterinary team works together and with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for the animals you love.

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