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General Wellness For Horses

At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians can help design a preventive vaccination schedule to fit your horse’s lifestyle and risk factors. 

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Protection & Prevention

Combined with regular wellness exams, equine vaccinations, dental care and parasite prevention form the foundation of your horse's routine healthcare. 

Preventive care ensures that your horse lives a long and healthy life. Our team will collaborate with you to develop a preventive care plan tailored to your horse's specific needs, lifestyle, and potential risks.

Equine Vaccination & Parasite Prevention, Poulsbo Vets

Types of Vaccinations For Horses

The following are the two different categories of equine vaccinations we provide.

The Importance of Routine Exams

Vet checkups for horses are critical to helping your horse maintain good long-term physical health. 

Combined with regular vaccinations, parasite prevention, and proper nutrition, these routine examinations, including regular physical checkups, can help identify minor problems early in the course of a disease.

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