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Diagnostic Imaging & Testing

At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, we are equipped with advanced diagnostic technology that allows our vets to take a comprehensive look at your horse's overall health.

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Lab Work & Testing

Available in the field, in the clinic and sent out to a variety of carefully selected laboratories. 

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Our doctors are skilled in sports medicine, reproductive and internal medicine application of ultrasound technology.

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Mobile units capable of diagnostic images, from dental to abdominal to orthopedic options.

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We have multiple sizes of video endoscopes that provide images of your horse's stomach, bladder, airway and more.

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Advanced Diagnostics

We offer full capacity referral advanced diagnostics.

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  • Advanced Diagnostics

    Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital offers advanced equine diagnostic services both at our clinic and through our ambulatory services. Book Appointment Make a Referral Specialized Diagnostic Testing Our team of veterinary professionals offers...
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  • Digital Radiography

    Our equine veterinary team can provide digital radiographs to diagnose health conditions and assess musculoskeletal concerns. Book An Appointment Radiography We are able to take high-quality digital X-rays in the hospital or in the field when nessesary. Veterinarians may instantly review...
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  • Endoscopy

    At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, we use endoscopy to evaluate your horses' upper GI tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract and more. Book An Appointment Endoscopic Exams Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a video endoscopy unit that is used to look inside the body. Endoscopes are long, thin tubes wi...
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  • Equine Ultrasound

    Our veterinary team uses digital ultrasound units to evaluate your horse's lameness, colic, reproductive system cases, and more. Book An Appointment Ultrasonography Ultrasound uses sound waves to offer a non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free method of imaging your horse's internal org...
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  • Lab & Testing

    Our veterinarians use laboratory tests and tools in our in-house vet lab to diagnose your horse's medical conditions and customize treatment plans to meet their needs. Book An Appointment Equine Diagnostic Lab We perform bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal egg counts, and more to make sure your e...
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