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Equine Veterinary Services

Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital offers all the veterinary services required to keep your horse healthy, from vaccinations and dental care to colic treatment and regenerative therapy.

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Field Services

We have both Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula veterinarians who offer fully equipped equine ambulatory services from Port Angeles to Gig Harbor, including some limited services to Forks.

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General Wellness

Protect your horse from a range of serious conditions with routine vaccinations and deworming treatments.

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Routine & Advanced Dental Care

Your horse's teeth continue to erupt and change throughout their life. Regular dental care is one of the best preventative treatments you can provide your horse.

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We provide overnight care and hospitalization for horses that require it, whether they are our patients or by referral.

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Colic Treatment

Call us at the first sign of colic so we provide the best treatment.

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Regenerative Therapy

Pro-stride, Alpha-2-macroglobulin, IRAPd, PRP, Renovo, and other therapeutic regenerative therapies are non-steroid injections that can help improve your horse's comfort and performance.

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Lameness Evaluations

We are able to diagnose and treat the source of horse’s lameness, from geriatric horses to performance athletes.

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Travel Paperwork

We are able to provide health assessments and travel paperwork for your horse for both interstate and international trips. This requires advanced notice.

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Internal Medicine

We provide diagnosis and treatment for various internal medicine conditions in horses.

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Our team and board-certified equine surgeon offer various procedures to help horses recover from serious health issues.

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Breeding Services

Let our veterinarians help make your breeding program as successful and healthy as possible.

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Pre-Purchase Exams

Let us help ensure your next horse will have the confirmation and ability to perform at the level you desire.

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Non-Equine Care

We offer veterinary care for established clients small ruminants, camelids and porcine pets. 

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  • Field Services

    Our practice has five well-equipped vehicles available for your convenience across the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas. Call 360-779-5557 24/7 Mobile Equine Units Our veterinarians travel with a fully stocked truck and can diagnose and treat many medical issues right at your farm. Whether it’s an emergency eye exam...
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  • Non-Equine Care

    The non-equine clientele services we provide are intended for pets. We do not provide production medicine services, as our practice is not structured for large-volume herd health services. NOTE: We are accepting new camelid and porcine patients. Book An Appointment Veterinary Care For ...
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  • Breeding & Reproduction

    At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, we offer equine reproductive services for your breeding program, from hormone tracking to artificial insemination. Book An Appointment Veterinary Guided Equine Breeding Whether it's your first time breeding your horse or you are a seasoned pro, our reproductive manage...
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  • Colic Treatment

    Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital offers life-saving medical and surgical care for horses experiencing symptoms of colic. Book an Appointment What Is Colic? Colic is a painful problem in your horse’s abdomen. It can be due to something as simple as a gut spasm from a change in diet or routine or as seriou...
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  • Equine Dentistry

    At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing progressive equine dental services. We believe regular dental care is vital to your horse’s health, comfort, performance, and longevity. Book An Appointment Dental Health for Horses Our horse friends can suffer from many dental disorders ...
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  • Equine Surgery

    At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of equine surgeries including arthroscopy, emergency colic surgery, soft tissue, and reproductive surgery. Book An Appointment  Surgical Services for Horses At our hospital in Poulsbo our equine surgeon, Dr. Cori Youngblood , offers va...
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  • General Wellness For Horses

    At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians can help design a preventive vaccination schedule to fit your horse’s lifestyle and risk factors.  Book An Appointment Protection & Prevention Combined with regular wellness exams, equine vaccinations, dental care and parasite prevention form the...
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  • Hospitalization

    At Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital, our experienced team of veterinary professionals provides outstanding medical care overnight for horses that require hospitalization, whatever the reason. Book Appointment Patient Care Levels If your horse is sick, hurt, or recovering from surgery, a hospital stay may...
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  • Internal Medicine

    We are able to perform diagnostics and provide treatment for a variety of internal medicine conditions in horses and other large animals, from infectious diseases to neurologic disorders and everything in between. Book An Appointment Treating Equine Internal Conditions Internal medicine in...
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  • Lameness Evaluation & Treatment

    If your horse's gait is off, it can be a sign of pain and discomfort. Our vets can perform lameness evaluations to get to the bottom of your horse's issue. Book An Appointment Lameness Exams for Horses Lameness can be quite simply described as any alteration in the horse’s gait. The lame...
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  • Pre-Purchase Exams

    If you are looking for your next horse, our vets offer pre-purchase evaluations to ensure your next partner is suited for your needs. Book An Appointment What is a Pre-Purchase Exam? The pre-purchase evaluation enables us to gather and interpret the information necessary to assist you in s...
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  • Regenerative Medicine

    Our vets are proud to offer a wide range of orthobiotic therapies to aid in our patients' healing, including Pro-Stride, PRP, IRAP, A2M and more. Book An Appointment Restore Soundness with Equine Regenerative Therapy From joint or tendon injuries to inflammation, arthritis, and other healt...
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  • Travel Paperwork

    Whether you are selling and shipping or traveling to a show, our vets can make sure you have the health certificates needed to transport your horse without delay. Book An Appointment Health Certificates For Horses Export documents are required for any horse crossing an international border...
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