About Sound Equine

Our Mission:

To attain and maintain a sterling reputation as the premier equine hospital in Kitsap County and the Western Puget Sound region.

Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital


Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital

Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital

Sound Equine is Western Puget Sound’s only full service equine hospital. Since acquisition of the practice in 2005, Dr. Hills has made consistent efforts to improve and modernize both the facility and the services offered to our clients which includes the addition of two other veterinarians, Dr. Smith and  Dr. Brown. We are focused on the ongoing education of our staff and clients to deliver coordinated, progressive equine care.


Qualified and Committed Veterinary Care

Dr. Hills, Dr. Smith, Dr. Brown and the Sound Equine staff are committed to ongoing professional education as well as the continued development of the Sound Equine hospital facility. Providing state-of-the-art services and therapies are key to providing our clients and their animals the very best veterinary medicine available on “this side of the water.”

The team at Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital is committed to expanded emergency services available to our clients 24/7, year around. We are also happy to work with your vet on a referral basis, with any of our updated services and therapies including emergency hospitalization. We offer our referring doctors the highest standard of coordinated care possible, as well as timely communication and detailed discharge instructions to help with transition from our care.

Progressive Diagnostics and Treatments

Dr. Hills, Dr. Smith, Dr. Brown and the Sound Equine staff are accustomed to managing cases that are often challenging to treat in the field. Our full-service hospital has 3 indoor stalls with continuous networked video monitoring and over night staff available as needed. Our clinic setting allows the treatment of more involved cases, such as medical colics, complicated wounds and casting, septic joints, neonatal foals, and intensive care cases with intravenous fluid therapy or plasma and blood transfusions. We can also perform many elective and emergency surgical procedures including ophthalmic, dental and sinus, soft tissue and musculoskeletal procedures. We do quite a few cryptorchid surgeries too.

Integrative equine medicine, wellness, internal medicine, and preventative care:

We have the facilities, experience, and diagnostic tools to help make the correct diagnosis and provide progressive treatment options. Both at the clinic and in the field, we provide tailored diagnostics and treatments suited to your horse’s needs.

 We are members in good standing with these professional organizations:

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