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Vaccination Recomendations


Adult Horses

March-April: Flu Rhino (EHV 1&4), EWT, WNV, Strangles and Rabies (optional)

September-October: Flu Rhino (EHV 1&4)


January: Flu Rhino (EHV 1&4)

March – April: EWT+West Nile, Rabies (optional/out-of-state travel)

July: Strangles and Flu Rhino (EHV 1&4) 


Non-pregnant broodmares should be vaccinated as above for an adult horse. Vaccines that are recommended once the mare is in foal are as follows:

Pregnant broodmares should receive vaccinations for EHV-1 at 5, 7 and 10 months of gestation. EHV-1 is anti-abortive Rhino (a.k.a Prodigy or Pneumabort). Some mares in high-risk situations should be vaccinated as early as 3 months; check with your veterinarian to tailor a plan to your mare’s needs. 4-6 weeks before your mare’s foaling date, she should be vaccinated with the following: IM Flu, EHV-1, EWT and West Nile. Familiarize your mare with the foaling area at least 30 days before her due date. If your mare has a cast licks, this is a good time to have it opened.


Four – Six months old: Flu Rhino, WNV

Six weeks later: Flu Rhino, EWT, WNV

Twelve months old: Flu Rhino, EWT

OPTIONAL VACCINES In certain cases, it may be advisable to vaccinate horses with one or more of the following vaccines: Rabies, Botulism, Equine Viral Arteritis.

Discuss your situation with your veterinarian

Vaccine Abbreviations EWT: Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rabies, EHV 1&4: Rhinopneumonitis, WNV: West Nile Virus, EHV 1: Anti-abortive Rhinopneumonitis